Leros island Greece

The island of Leros is located in the northern Dodecanese a few miles south of Patmos, while in the south it is separated from a relatively narrow sea passage with Kalymnos. The geographical relief of the island is characterized by small hills and innumerable coves with the bay of Laki, the largest natural harbour in the eastern Mediterranean, for that reason the Italians created their main naval ship in the Dodecanese in 1932. Other big bays are Alinda, Gourna, Vromolithos, the bay of Partheni and Blefouti and Panteli.
The highest altitude is in Klidi (about 300 m), other mountains in Leros are Skoumbarda and Diapori in the south and Aliki in the east.
Many small islands are scattered around Leros such as Agia Kyriaki and Pianousa opposite Panteli, Archangelos in the north and Glaronisia  between Leros and Kalymnos.

agios isiderosLeros like most of the Greek islands is an island of small fertile valleys sandwiched between rolling green hills, deep coves and pretty beaches Leros  topography has given rise to many villages. The most capital of Leros is Agia Marina – united with the two other villages. Platanos and Panteli, on the back side of the hill – a collection of little white houses, neoclassical buildings and narrow alleyways It starts at the seaside and gradually climbs up the sides of the hill, whose summit is dominated by the remains of a Byzantine castle of special significance during Byzantine times donated to bishop Christodoulos of Patmos from the Emperor Alexios Komninos, its shape is that given it by the Knights of St John, who arrived in Leros in the 14th century Still standing today are the circuit wall and the church of Our Lady within it .Laki, 3 kilometres south of Agia Marina is the islands port. It is built at the back of a deep, practically enclosed bay, whose mouth is only 500 metres wide This is one of the largest and best natural harbours in the Mediterranean sea.

agia marina lerosAlinda, Xirokambos, and Partheni are charming seaside villages, while you’ll find wonderful swimming at the beaches of Agia Marina, Pandeli, Vromolitho, Alinda, Laki, Merikia, and Xirokambos, to name a few. Leros has an Airport at Partheni which connects daily the island with Athens Greece the Capital city of Greece. Leros island has also daily connections by ferry boats and hydrofoils to Piraeus and most of the Greek islands of Dodecanese like Patmos ,Lipsi,Samos,Kos,Rhodes,Symi and Nisyros. There are weekly connection as well with some of the islands of the Cyclades like Syros and Amorgos, from Syros the visitors can visit some of the upmarket islands of the Cyclades like Mykonos, Tinos, Ios, Paros, Naxos or Santorini. As Leros has maintained its genuine traditional character, it is in the position to offer the highest quality of tourist services to every visitor. Modern hotel complexes, apartments for rent and guest houses, which come up to the highest expectations, have all been created with respect to the environment and the history and tradition of Leros. Here, away from the noisy towns and the stressful pace of life and even further away from crowed large tourist areas, the visitor finds the peace and recreation he is looking for.

agia marina leros

In Leros the visitor finds a hospitable environment with all the comforts. He enjoys countless beaches (Alinta, Panteli, Panagies, Xirokampos, Agios Isidoros, Mplefoutis, Agia Marina, Krithoni, Vromolithos, Agia Kioura, Koulouki, Merikia, Gourna, Dyo Liskaria, Drymonas and Vourlidia) and he discovers the small isolated sandy beaches, hidden amongst the surrounding rocky land, such as Krifo for example.Even if you are not a fisherman you will definitely wish to try your luck fishing at one of the plentiful fishing spots of Leros, which are near the numerous little islands around Leros. This you can do either by hiring a boat or with the help of one of the fishermen in Leros.
Modern travellers of the sea will find safe shelter at Agia Marina, Lakki and at the countless sheltered bays of the island. All those who do not wish to miss out on their football or basketball practice will find a football pitch at Lakki and a basketball and volleyball court at Panteli. Leros also has organized markets that sell everything. In the old traditional buildings in Agia Marina, Platanos and Lakki the three traditional markets of the island are housed, selling fresh vegetables and fish around which are food shops, tourist shops, gold shops and boutiques.
As far as food is concerned, you will most definitely want for nothing at the small picturesque tavernas on every beach and at the chic restaurants. In addition to the rich Lerian cuisine you can try local fish mezedes such as koukouvades, fish marinata with rosemary, pastous kolious, pittakia me fava and the local mizithra cheese. As for sweets you will not be able to resist the mpoukakia, the sviggous and xerotigana. In addition try the diasogala a sweet drink like the soumada, which you will only find in Leros.
For the more restless amongst you Leros shows its most fun loving and bright side in the evening. Bars, discos and night clubs with local bouzouki music await you at Panteli, Agia Marina and Lakki. The noteworthy cultural events which are organised every year at Platano and Lakki draw the interest of every visitor as do the fairs with local music and dance groups.We hope that soon you will visit that small paradise in the Aegean sea, the island of the Goddess of hunting-Diana. read more

Leros Beaches

beachThere are many beaches in Leros, almost for every one and every taste, organizedbeaches you will find in Alinda, Panteli, Vromolithos and Gourna, Xerokampos, Blefouti and Two Lisgaria. In all of the abovebeaches  there are tavernas and canteens as well as umbrellas with sun loungers. Most of them have sand or pebbles.

But if you want to explore the island, you will discover many small beaches  only for you, especially if you have a boat or you like hiking.

Other small beaches can be found in Tourkopigado and Vourlidia opposite Panteli. The road after Merkies after the Laki harbour will lead you to innumerable small bays and secluded beaches.

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Places to Go

sightsWest of Agia Marina the road goes to Krithoni and Alinda and from there to Gourna, Kamara, Airport, Partheni and Blefouti, while to the south by Platano the road goes to Panteli, Spilia, Vromolitho, Turkopigada (to the left of Ankara) and continues to Lakki, Xerokambos to the south and Merkies to the west of Lakki. From Lakki starts from the main square the road to Gourna, Agios Isidoros and Kamara, which is a beautiful route. Also the road that goes to Merkies reaches the entrance of the bay at Cape Katsouni from where you can admire panoramic views of the Aegean Sea to Kalymnos and Kos.
The road network started by the Italians and perfected in the years to come is quite good, except for the entrance to Platano in Spilia, where the road narrows even in the turn from Agia Marina to Alinda where there is a lot of traffic in the summer especially when local ships arrive, all the other roads are relatively comfortable. Read more

Leros tourism

lerosLeros has experienced a good tourist development in recent years, the Municipality has made several development projects on the island such as footpaths, restorations of traditional buildings, biological cleaning and new roads. For many years, the Psychiatric Hospital and the political prisoners of the Junta have been a sign of this beautiful island, but nowadays all this is past and for many visitors both Greeks and foreigners, Leros has become the established island of their holidays.

Many have bought cottages and villas.
Since the 1970s, tourists from Scandinavia have begun to travel to the island, followed by Germans and Italians. In recent years, the Greeks have discovered this little paradise in the Dodecanese.