Beaches of Leros

Leros has many beaches most of them with pebbles. Along the numerous bays and coves of the island the visitor will find a lot of hidden small beaches exept the main ones listed bellow where you can enjoy swimming snorkeling and diving some of them is the Red beach at the road to the cape Katsouni after the beach of Merkies, the beach of Kryfos opposite Agia Marina where you can go only by boat, the beach of Vourlidia opposite Panteli and the beach of Kokali and Drymonas at the north and south of Gourna beach.

Panteli beach

panteli  beach The beach of Panteli partly with pebbles and partly with sand is one of the most popular beaches in Leros. It is well organised with sun beds and umbrellas, showers and a dressing cabine. In the area between Castelo and Psaropoula restaurant the beach has small pebbles and tamarisc trees, after Zorbas restaurant it is sandy and there are sun beds and umbrellas in the front of Tzoumas Cafe. In all sun beds that are operated by Castelo hotel, Panteli beach and Tzoumas cafe you can order your drinks at the spot. The beach is ideal for snorkelling.

Vromolithos beach

vromolithos beach The beach of Vromolithos located south of Panteli in the beautiful bay of Vromolithos, it is a long stretch with sand in the two ends of the beach and pebbles at the centre. There are sun beds and umbrellas at the north side. For refreshments and food at the Paradisos restaurant and cafe as well as at the Cafe del Mar. You can get there from Panteli following the road that goes through Castelo hotel or from the upper road that goes to Lakki you turn at the Vromolithos road. There is free parking at the restaurant Paradisos.

Alinda beach

alinda beach The beach of Alinda is also one of the most popular of the island, it stretches from Boulafendis Bungalows all the way down to hotel Maleas. Well organised with umbrellas and sun beds, numerous cafes and restaurants. The beach of Alinda is ideal for wind surfing. There is plenty of parking space all along the seafront of Alinda.You can get there with the bus, scooter or car or you can walk from Agia Marina

Dyo Ligaria beach

lisgaria beach Popular among the young ones the small beach of Dyo Ligaria located after Alinda to the east following the road that is passing from the small beach of Panagies. The beach is well organised with umbrellas and sun beds. At the Zefyros bar you can enjoy dryings and snack and there is also a restaurant

Gourna beach

gourna beach This is the unique sandy beach of Leros at the west part of the island. There are sun beds and umbrella at the north part of the beach where you will find a tavern and a cafeteria. The waters are shallow. The beach is affected from the meltemi winds because of its position to the west. You can get there from Alinda following the road to the airport and turning at the first roundabout to the left. A few hundred metres before Drymonas you should make a right turn and follow the seafront road of Gurna beach

Blefuti beach

blefouti beach The beach is located at the north pat of Leros after the airport. It is a long pebbly beach with small tamarisk trees. It is not organised but there is a nice tavern where you can enjoy local cuisine and a small bar for your drinks. There is plenty of space for parking. You can get there with the bus or by scooter or car.

Xirokampos beach

xirokampos beach The beach located at the southern part of the island. It is a long sandy and partly pebble beach. The is a diving school and some taverns where you can enjoy your lunch and drinks. you can get there with the bus or by scooter or car.

Merkies beach

merkies beach The beach located at the bay of Laki to the west part. It is a not organised beach with pebbles. There is a nice cafe bar where you can enjoy drinks and snacks. You can get there by scooter or by car following the road after the port toward Merkies.