Apart from the physical beauty that Leros offers the visitor, there are also plenty of activities for entertainment. There are museums that one can visit (such as the archaeological museum, the folklore museum and the Panagia tou Kastrou museum).

There are also many archaeological sights which are of interest, such as the castle above Agia Marina, the old castle with its cyclopean walls, Lakki with its unique architecture and the Italian fortifications ( batteries etc). At Gourna the picturesque little church of Agios Isidoros can be found.

At Platanos and Agia Marina there are many neoclassical two storied houses, at Alinta there is the Patriarheio and the Mpeleni Tower which now houses the museum of “ Manolis Isihos”. Churches also worthy of note are Agia Paraskevi and Evagelistria.

The Castle of Leros

From Platanos we go up the steps towards the castle which dominates high on the hill. Crowds of people follow the same route every 15th August to go up and pay their respects to the Panagia tou Kastrou (The Virgin Mary of The Castle).

The Paliokastro
The oldest castle in the history of Leros is the castle of the Lepida (Paliokastro) which is located on the top of the hill above Xirokampos. The church of Panagia, which is found in its interior, was built in the 4th Century A.D. and was later renovated. In its forecourt there is a half destroyed mosaic which has lasted till today. The walls to the north east are cyclopean, according to archaeologists, because the stones are square and each one weighs about 500 kilos.


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