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Conference Tourism

Leros is considered as an attractive destination for conferences. Its natural beauty, its cultural tradition, the friendliness of the people, its traditional hospitality and the high standards of services provided make the island an enchanting destination for conference tourism. Apart from the conference center at the hotel Crithonis Paradise which can cater for 300 people and is in an ideal location at Krithoni (tel: 22470….), there is also the conference center Ieras Mitropoleos Lerou, which caters for 150 people located at the Patriarheio in Alinta ( tel: 22470……) with a delightful view of the blue Aegean sea. Both centers have the necessary facilities for holding seminars and conferences making them model conference centers. Regular air and sea transportation helps in the traveling to and from the centers for all those attending a conference. The short distances between Leros and the neighbouring islands of Patmos, Leipsous, Akathonisi, Kalymnos and Arkious, give visitors the opportunity to both discover the natural beauty of Leros and the surrounding islands, allowing the visitor to combine relaxation and work in his stay.

Hunting Tourism

Down in the depths of nature, armed with the eyes and the silence of an experienced hunter, you will have the opportunity see birds close up and hunt them. The birds are bred here in Leros by the local Hunting Club of Leros. Here you will satisfy your love for hunting in a beautiful hunting area with low vegetation, bushes, olive trees and other cultivations. Trained pedigree dogs and local hunters will lead you to the hunting grounds which stretch from one end of the island to the other. It really is worth following the flights of the birds on an enchanting island where the hunting adventure will be combined with walks of discovery and dozens of other interests that the island caters for. You can get lots of help and information on the hunting areas, the shelters, the routes, the guides and the dogs, from representatives of the Hunting Club of Leros by telephoning 22470……..

Water sports tourism

If you are looking for recreation on the sea you will do well to come to Leros with its various sea activities. Leros because of its variety of land and seascapes, is suitable for sailing, surfing, scuba diving and other water sports. Its rocky and sandy coasts which are constantly changing make up the variety that a sportsman on holiday seeks. On Leros you will find bright blue clean seas, beautiful beaches and precipitous rocks where the visitor will experience a journey of adventure, searching and mystery. The underwater world of unrivalled natural beauty and cleanliness in combination with the shipwrecks of the second world war, are the main sources of attraction for divers. The calm Aegean sea and the sheltered harbours of Leros and the surrounding islands await sailing boats. The organized marinas and the dockyards are in turn a great source of attraction that daily draws many boats, and frequently even large groups of boats due to the fact that Leros is a waypoint in the Aegean Rally and other national and international routes. In a natural environment unchanged by time the visitor will experience a holiday which lives up to every expectation.

Scuba diving tourism

In the last few years we have noticed an increase in sightseeing scuba diving as against normal scuba diving in an underwater ecosystem. Given these new facts Leros aims to make its mark as a special diving destination. Especially as Leros’ underwater ecosystem which is of such great ecological value is also home to a large number shipwrecks from the Second World War. Perhaps the biggest concentration of such shipwrecks, in relation to the islands size. A whole underwater museum from those years opens a window onto one of the darkest periods of the world’s history. Wrecks of ships and aeroplanes tell the harsh story of a war of violence and paranoia. Now that the natural environment around the wrecks has become one with the remains and the wear and tear have softened the ships’ and planes’ wound, they seem to have exorcised the evil, simply through their presence. A diver who is used to diving in crystal clear oligotrophic waters of the Aegean will definitely find it an interesting experience to dive in one of the eutrophic, dark ecosystems which there are in Leros. There is a very great variety of sea life there. More detailed research and mapping will give us the opportunity of finding out more about the island’s very interesting and rich sea bed.